Obtain Search Requirements

  • In-depth discussion with hiring manager on the ideal candidate profile and experience
  • Identify target market niches for prospective candidates
  • Confirm candidate compensation range
  • Obtain compelling information on client’s opportunity
  • Review interview process and schedule project timeline

Assemble a Recruiting Team

  • Bill Gordon, Lead Recruiter and central-point-of contact
  • Additional recruiting personnel as need, with attention to recruiter’s specialization
  • Research and administrative team determined


  • Candidate profile, experience, and other client requirements are shared with Research
  • Target markets for prospective candidates discussed and fine-tuned
  • New candidates identified to supplement existing database of contacts

Direct Recruit

  • Targeted Email campaigned launched
  • Targeted Phone campaigned launched
  • Extensive screening of candidate, usually over 3 phones calls and 45-60 minutes
  • Interested candidate pool is narrowed to 3-5 of the most qualified, most motivated prospects
  • Candidate resume submitted, often with comprehensive notes if information not on resume

Orchestrate Interview Process

  • Candidate and client availability determined
  • Schedule created
  • Candidate and hiring manager prepped
  • Interview
  • Debrief candidate (interest, concerns, timing, compensation, other opportunities)
  • Debrief hiring manager (positives, negatives, next steps)

Reference Checks and Present Offer

  • Reference checks completed
  • Check with candidate prior to offer to confirm interest, compensation requirements
  • Confirm any candidate requirements with hiring manager
  • Present offer/offer acceptance (take lead on answering questions from either side)
  • Counsel candidate of the pitfalls of accepting a counter-offer from current employer

Placement and Follow-up

  • Counsel the placed employee on resigning from his/her employer
  • Confirm the commence of employment
  • Regular follow-up with candidate and hiring manager to confirm mutual satisfaction

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